What is Tec Rec?

To most divers, the term ‘Technical Diving’ conjures up images of a bunch of divers interested in deep diving. While this is true of quite a few technical divers, the art of technical diving doesn’t limit the divers to just that.

Technical (Tec) Diving means going beyond recreational scuba diving limits- diving deeper, longer and with more gear. It allows a diver the freedom to explore and dive beyond the traditional diving limits. It includes one or more of the following: diving beyond 40m/ 130ft, involves stage decompression, use of variable gas mixtures during the dive, and use of extensive equipment and technologies.

Tec diving goes beyond depth and time spent underwater. It involves meticulous planning, advanced training, and extreme safety measures.

So if you’re willing to accept added risks, advanced training, investment of time and the commitment needed to go beyond the recreational diving, Tec Diving is meant for you.

Tec Diving with Scuba Evolution India

Our ambition of building a community of Tec divers in India led us to become a PADI TecRec Centre in 2018.

As a PADI 5Star and Instructor Development Dive Resort, Scuba Evolution India’s training policies assure diver’s high-quality education to provide the skills, knowledge, and training required to manage this advanced level of diving, all while minimizing risk.