September 29, 2021


Our bodies weren’t designed with the purpose of breathing or moving underwater. We breathe in and out without a thought and we walk freely and comfortably over dry land – but underwater is a whole new game. Without the right equipment, sustaining a dive becomes virtually impossible. To enjoy your scuba dive thoroughly, you need buy safe and durable gear. So to start, we’re going to introduce you to your first diving kit. Mask: The Ocean has many secrets to reveal but you need to see clearly to discover them. A good scuba mask creates an air space, allowing your eyes to focus on what’s in front of you. The nose pocket helps to equalise the air pressure in the mask. Consider the dimensions and the fit of the mask before buying it – you need to be comfortable underwater.

Fins: Take a tip from fish – having fins makes it easier to move around in the water. Fins, or flippers, use the power of your leg muscles to move through the water. Once again, comfort and fit are essential. Your fins shouldn’t pinch your toes or constrict the arches of your feet. For inexperienced divers, smaller and stiffer fins work, while more experienced divers can choose more flexible and powerful fins.

Wetsuits: An essential fact to consider during your dives – the temperature of the water. The right suit insulates you against cold seawater and protects you from small scrapes and cuts. A well-fitted suit keeps the water out, which retains your body heat. The fit of your suit is essential. Too loose and you risk allowing water into the suit, too tight and breathing becomes restricted.

BCD: Your buoyancy control device is essential. The right BCD holds your gear in place and allows you to maintain neutral buoyancy at any depth. When testing a BCD, first slip on your suit. Make sure the device doesn’t squeeze too tightly when inflated. There are other factors to take into account when buying your BCD, which includes your weight. Consider carefully as this is one of the most important pieces of gear you’ll buy.

Regulators: The high air pressure in your tank must be converted into ambient pressure in order for you to breathe normally under water. So when choosing a regulator, always go for high performance ones, with comfortable mouthpieces and hoses.

Dive Computers: Dive computers allow you to dive safely. They calculate your depth and bottom time consistently – allowing you to ascend, descend and maintain your dive without putting yourself at risk. Choose a model that clearly displays the information you require – tank pressure, depth and

Remember to consult an expert, like one of our instructors, and to choose a safe and reliable brand before buying your equipment.