About Us


Our passion for Scuba Diving and our endeavor to make dive education in India at par with International standards both in terms of quality and safety laid the foundation of Scuba Evolution India.

Co-founded by Navy veterans, with a multitude of experience of the sea, in the air, and underwater - the sheer love for the oceans, emphasis on safety first, and the will to be differentiated is what drives us towards the future.

We started as the first dive centre in the mainland to provide onsite accommodation. Since our inception in 2015, we have evolved into a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, PADI TecRec centre and a Public Safety Diver Training Institute.

What do we believe?

As a customer-first dive centre, our beliefs are straightforward-
– We believe in safe Scuba Diving – in helping new divers explore a whole new environment without harming themselves or their surroundings.
– We believe in a healthy marine environment – uniting divers to speak for those who cannot- the threatened inhabitants of the marine world and protecting the ecosystem that was entrusted to us.
– We believe in extensively educating a new generation of recreational divers – giving them the right introduction to scuba diving, and continued quality dive education in Goa.
– We believe in holistic experiences – it is all about the experience we can provide to our customers - A diving experience which leaves you wanting more. High quality dive training and equipment, zero compromise on safety, and great fun too.
– We believe in exploring new frontiers – aim to discover new dive sites all over the country.
– Finally, we believe in the importance of research – discoveries that will help us climb to greater heights, as we plunge into more profound depths.

Why Goa?

Scuba Evolution India is the brainchild of Skandan Warrier and Vishwanath Rajan, both of whom are Indian Navy veterans and have served in Goa.

Goa, the smallest state in India, has easy access to the Arabian Sea and is one of the most sought after dive destinations in the country. It is home to a beautiful set of islands, fringing coral reefs, and shipwrecks waiting to be discovered.

Goa is also a popular fun destination for both domestic and international tourists, and our holistic, safe and educational Scuba Diving Experiences add the spark of adventure to this great place for leisure and recreation.

Goa offers the comfort of warm waters, making it an ideal dive location for beginners as well as certified divers.

Who are we?

All of us at Scuba Evolution India focus on providing top quality dive education to our customers! Safety, high-quality dive education, exploration, and research are high on our list of priorities.

We'll help you overcome your limits, learn new skills, and discover a mesmerizing underwater world! We at Scuba Evolution India want to share our passion with you not just as divers but also as a driving force to encourage everyone to take the plunge. Meet our eclectic Dive Team

Core Team


Co-Founder, Promoter & Director

Commander Skandan Warrier,Master Scuba Diver, our founder and director, is an Indian Navy veteran, who has played a role in Naval support operations during the Kargil conflict and Operation Parakram. He brings his discipline, years of experience in aviation and surface operations, an attitude of uncompromising integrity and an endless love for the sea to Scuba Evolution India. A PGDBM in Finance, with a natural business acumen, he is our head of business development and growth. His passion, of course, is running a safe and fun dive resort and constantly training himself to become a better diver.


Co-Founder & Director

Commander Vishwanath Rajan a.k.a Vish- the Fish, is our Waterbender-in-Chief. He learned to dive 20 years ago, in the Indian Navy. He is a Full Cave and Hypoxic Trimix Diver, Research, Technical and a Public Safety Diving Instructor, and an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer. He has dived almost every coastal state, the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands in India. He has also dived in Hawaii, California, and has been cave diving in Florida, Mexico, and Hungary. He brings over 20 years of operational experience as a team leader. A keen ocean advocate with a masters degree in Nautical Sciences, he heads our exploration and conservation projects and is the backbone of all our Safety, Dive Education and Operations policy.

Monika Bhalla

General Manager

Monika, our general manager, an Open Water Diver is a woman of many talents. She's a graduate of home science, has trained herself in many forms of sport and was a swimming and aerobics instructor. Monika loves to meet people and explore adventure sports. She now handles the customer relations and manages the resort.